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If said wearing method Shang of problem words, most common of should is, a began on wearing with too high of shoes, such almost is no can avoid of will feet pain, so, wants as avoid wearing heels feet pain, so first will in wearing heels of when, slowly to, can first wearing three or four cm of, then if has necessary words again to tries to more high of shoes, if is needs wearing that ten cm or more high of Super heels words, also is to first habits seven or eight cm of such step by step comparison good, or, Will not only wear high heels my feet hurt, leave hard to avoid injuries that would be bad. Shoe website netizens find shoes, given a defined interval, such as searching for price located at 100-200 between shoes, search for Horseshoe or wedges shoes, search with high 10 cm above the shoes, and so on. I found after investigation on the price, 100-200 heel hit between the largest style, bright personality full of trendy heels hit the largest type, coarse high click-through rate is comparable with the fine; on the high, 10 to 15 cm high heel hits the maximum. Within the scope of these high heels are the most sought after high heels, then what are the popular heel 10 cm above the highlight styles? track with us some highlights below. Women's dignity in the tenacious women's self-esteem women carrying the charming and effortless, just choose between 10 and 15 cm heel,, conquering power than you can imagine. How many men kneeling under the females of the Garnet group, admirers, perhaps under noble shoes right now.

I think unless you do not wear high heels, it is not possible to achieve full effectiveness of tired feet, but this is not possible, high heels are women of everyday life must be single. Was tired or not tired feet and shoes are not entirely decided by heel height, are also subject to the overall impact of shoe design. Possible for a 16 cm heels shoes design a human face than a pair of shoes of inaccurate bad design 6 cm high heel feet more comfortable, less tiring to walk the foot. High heel comfort level depends to a large extent, manufacturing raw materials for students, you say a pair of fluff material real leather heels with a pair of artificial hard bottom quality high heels which is better than not tired feet, then says, new balance 993 mens in height control within definitely is one more tired feet. So when you buy high heels, and not just to see high heels the height issue, also taking into account various factors, just above the shoe design, shoe material, and so on. Woman who put on 10 to 15 cm high heels mature feminine gestures, foot of more than 10 cm high heel woman Conqueror's charm, feel extremely lethal to male friends. Its highlights are thin enough, sharp metal heel just like women hiding weapons, let them be filled with cool air was like a feeling. Another level of women wearing high heels more dignified sense of honor, which inadvertently tried to conquer the glamour of millions of fellow men surging inside it is difficult.

How to walk in high heels, tangled issues for half a century, watch how I move to solve it. Wearing high heels, first of all, its body weight falls on the feet and ankles as a strong point, are the most likely to be hurt, so we need to do more ankle health campaigns, over time, wear singing wrote walking not tired, but will more easily. The pursuit of beautiful high heels high heels up till death do us part, look at the thousands of beautiful high heels pictures on the website are made net purchase beautiful   new balance 880 mens  shoes with delight, today is the big day of new year, we are not only addicted to festive Fireworks, according to the shoe Gallery Web site statistics everyday consumers log on to carefully selected site heels quantity comparable to the peak sales of the past. Princess temperament is a lot of enthusiasm, most beautiful high heels and elegant princess style, its color choose most prefer pink, white and purple romance, also chose the beautiful lace on the selection of materials, floral, straps, etc, wedding banquets, gala dinners, parties making beautiful shoes on create a warm and wonderful atmosphere. The author analyses, and beautiful high heels sales remain hot during the Spring Festival was an important reason is because the lunar new year gift-giving season, I believe that many girls are eager to have a pair of beautiful high heels pictures on a Web site where people like high heels, so those attentive husbands, boyfriends, dads, brothers are taking advantage of the Chinese new year holiday to reward those who in good faith after a hard year of ladies. Do you buy shoes for his lady?

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